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Photography is in my blood since I can remember I have been tied to a camera, from the old AE1 to the latest Nikon's and FUJI's, we all have to find our own why when searching for our passion. 

Why Wedding Photography? 

Well... here's a story for you, I'm ashamed to admit that we don't have a single photo from our wedding, well... I should qualify that, we've got one (Way at the bottom of the page) if you count a blurry newspaper clipping as a picture, how come you may ask? ... sigh!

 ... I thought I did not have to spend much on wedding photography and here I'm 20 years later and not a single picture of our wedding, yes I hired I "PRO" for a low rate and the result after 2 years of chasing him, got a handful of useless negative film, needless to say, I was not happy about that, our wedding was wonderfull, but you will have to judge based on the ONE photo we have (below), just look at the happy groom,  would you look at that man's grill, he is a happy dude.

So I guess MY WHY is,  that  I'm determined that every couple who trust me to capture their most precious day,  gets every moment of their wedding captured forever to the best of my abilities at the moment.  

To the left (Or above on a mobile device) you will find a recent (selfie) photo of the original and real WHY I do anything, not only photography but everything I do (breathe, laugh, love etc), the love of my two halves.