Dana Point Tennis Club Wedding

Sometime ago I received a call form a fellow photographer and good friend Lupita from Solaris Photography Tucson asking if I could cover a wedding, it seems that the universe conspired so I could  shoot the wedding of this amazing couple up in the Dana Point, Ca area on high season I had that day open on my calendar, it was set I was to cover the wedding, when I show up at the door I was greeted with the most ample smile, I could tell he was a little bit nervous at the time he was deciding if he was going to use his 007 tie and cufflinks or go the traditional way, me being a James Bond Fan we exchanged some opinions on the latest Bond Flick.

We tried to recreate an image of the opening credit sequences from the Bond Movies, but being the wedding day we had 2 minutes tops to give it a shot, I think it turned up ok, the rest of the day was all fun and pranks from the groomsman, lots of fun.